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Wheelman 50Cc Gas Skateboard Black

Wheelman 50Cc Gas Skateboard Black, Backyard Toy Co
  • Wheelman 50Cc Gas Skateboard Black, Backyard Toy Co
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Wheelman 50cc Gas Skateboard Black

Zoom down the street on your very own 50cc black Wheelman skateboard. This skateboard features a unique design as the engine is center mounted and is supported at each end by a spoke-less wheel. Simply insert your feet into the wheels and use your body movement to steer the Wheelman Skateboard. At low speeds, use your legs to angle the front wheel from side to side. Squeeze the hand held control to speed up or slow down. This unique skateboard has a max speed of 25 mph. The Wheelman is sure to be your next best friend!

Specs: Max speed: 25 MPH Engine: 50cc 2-stroke (EPA Approved) Carburetor: 16mm Footing: Regular or Goofy Wheels: 10" rim 14” overall Fuel mixture: 32:1 Gas Tank: 1 liter (1/4 gallon) Max load: 200 lbs Max grade: 15 degrees Transmission: Centrifugal Clutch with Chain Drive Frame: Stainless steel Box dimensions: 45 x 13 x 18 inches N.W.: 57 lbs & G.W.: 62 lbs Warranty: 30 day parts replacement


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