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Poweriser Jumping Stilt Advanced Model

Poweriser Jumping Stilt Advanced Model, Backyard Toy Co
  • Poweriser Jumping Stilt Advanced Model, Backyard Toy Co
MSRP: $399.00 (You save $40.00)

Product Description

Poweriser Jumping Stilts Advanced

Seeking quality affordable jumping stilts for hours of fun and healthy exercise? Then look no farther than the Poweriser Jumping Stilts Advanced. Featuring a thick aluminum frame and a leaf spring made from quality fiber glass that acts as the backbone, you will be able to jump 7 feet into the air as well as run 20 miles per hour.

The Poweriser Jumping stilts feature several improvements including knee cup cuffs which replace the old knee cap, board binding, self-locking nuts based on high quality German standards as well as new knee mounting systems. The strengthened assembly of the rubber buffers and the feather spring made from high-strength plastic are also some of the other noteworthy improvements made to Powerriser Jumping Stilts Advanced.

The Poweriser Jumping Stilts Advanced are categorized based on the individual’s weight. As such, available models are as follows:

  • - Poweriser jumping stilt advanced 5070a for individuals weighing 110-158 lbs
  • - Poweriser jumping stilt advanced 7090a for individuals weighing 158-198 lbs
  • - Poweriser jumping stilt advanced 90120a for individuals weighing 198-266 lbs

To insure your safety, we insist you put on all safety gear before using your Powerisers...including but not limited to helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. By purchasing or using Powerisers, you accept full responsibility for any and all injury and will not hold BackyardToyCo.com responsible.

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