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BERG Toys Cyclo AF Pedal Go Kart

BERG Toys Cyclo AF Pedal Go Kart, Backyard Toy Co
  • BERG Toys Cyclo AF Pedal Go Kart, Backyard Toy Co
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Product Description

Cyclo AF

If you are looking for a lighter more compact kart for your little driver, then the BERG Cyclo AF Pedal Go Kart is sure to meet all your requirements. This Kart features an Automatic Freewheel Hub (AF) which means that your child will be in full control of the vehicle. Watch as they pedal forward, reverse and coast while the pedals remain static. The tires of this kart feature hybrid treads which keep the kart on as well as off the road with little resistance to its movement. The kart’s front fairing is made from durable blue plastic and features an authentic race number that gives this kart its official look. There are plenty of decals under the speedometer including pretend dashboard buttons as well as a pretend speedometer. The seat of the Cyclo AF kart offers great back support and also bears a number matching the front fairing’s decal. Thanks to genius engineers even an adult can ride around in this cute compact kart.

Hub: AF Hub stands for Automatic Freewheel; this hub allows the rider to pedal forward, coast with the pedals remaining static, use the hand brake to stop, and once stopped pedal backwards to go in reverse! Wheels: Rubber air filled tube tires with a hybrid tread help to keep the kart rolling on or off road with very little resistance. Tires should be filled to around 20 psi, never to exceed 22 psi. Sealed bearings in each of the white rims allow the kart to roll effortlessly. Since the kart does roll so well, we added a parking brake so it won't roll away from you. Front Fairing: Made of durable blue plastic and an authentic race number, this kart looks official! Under the steering wheel are more decals showing a pretend speedometer, and other pretend dashboard buttons. The steering wheel center has a BERG cap covering the steering wheel bolt. The seat has a number to match the decal on the front fairing. Seat: The blue Cyclo seat looks great and offers great back support. It was specifically engineered to allow for more legroom on a small frame! The seat post is set closer to the front of the seat placing the driver further over the rear wheels and allowing more room to stretch out.

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