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Air-Trekkers Jumping Stilts Adult Edition

  • Air-Trekkers Jumping Stilts Adult Edition, Backyard Toy Co
MSRP: $479.00 (You save $150.00)

Product Description

Air Trekker Jumping Stilts Adult Edition

Jump up to 9 feet high and run over 20 miles per hour with the Air Trekker Jumping Stilts. These stilts feature new nanometer spring technology which makes the stilts light in weight, small in volume and ultra-responsive. Also featuring a completely redesigned CZ frame of aluminum lithium as well as durable foam knee bars that have protective straps, these are definitely top-quality jumping stilts. Other great features include a leg stabilizer which allows for a more comfortable, tighter fit.

As the Air Trekker Jumping Stilts are not a one-size-fit-all product, you will have to choose the appropriate model based on your weight. Be sure to stick in your weight category. Available models include:

  • Individuals weighing 131-152 lbs should use the CZ60 stilts
  • Individuals weighing 153-178 lbs should use the CZ70 stilts
  • Individuals weighing 175-196 lbs should use the CZ80 stilts
  • Individuals weighing 197-218 lbs should use the CZ90 stilts
  • Individuals weighing 219-242 lbs should use the CZ100 stilts
  • Individuals weighing 243-265 lbs should use the CZ110 stilts
  • Individuals weighing 265-300 lbs should use the CZ120 stilts

To insure your safety, we insist you put on all safety gear before using your Air-Trekkers...including but not limited to helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. By purchasing or using Air-Trekkers, you accept full responsibility for any and all injury and will not hold BackyardToyCo.com responsible. You also agree to be 18 years of age or have consent of an adult to purchase or use Air-Trekkers.

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Thank you for all of the assistance and support you provided in placing my order.

J.D., Cypress, TX

Once again thank you for your response and excellent customer service. You were right things needed to loosen up on the scooter.

R.S., Grove City, Ohio

Great company! Love your product selection! Will be back for more for the grandkids!

M.C., Long Beach, California

Waterslide arrived promptly-in time for our son’s birthday party. Thanks Anna getting it to us on time.

B.C., Pace, Florida



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